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Google Ads Perth

Why Google Ads


Is using Google Ads in Perth  one of the quickest ways to get potential customers to find your products or services online?  
The answer is yes and here is why. A few years ago, it was easy to rank for keywords immediately after making a website, now things have changed a whole lot. To rank organically, you would have to use SEO, but that takes a long time, and a lot of people use it as a long term strategy. If you want customers, coming to your store, website or ringing your phone in the short term, then Google Ads is the best way to go.  With Google Ads, as long as you clearly stipulate what your Campaign is and make quality ad groups and ads, then you will get the desired results

Google Ads is good for both established businesses and new entrants .


Every business, goes through a life cycle and hence why no two businesses have the same objective. Google Ads when properly set will get your business on to the first page of Google for a particular keyword and will have your business in front of numerous potential clients at the right price.  Below are the Campaign objectives Google provides to help steer you in the right direction as you set up you ads:


At Oround Web Design we are committed to ensuring that when we set up your  Google Ads, your ads will meet  your needs, be it through more leads or sales. For specialist advise on how to go about advertising your company on Google you can contact us here.

What To Expect From Us

We take pride in sitting with you and discussing how best we can help you achieve your goals, over a coffee, roundtable discussion or via Zoom.  This helps us evaluate where you are and what you expect, what you want to do and together we will decide the best course of action to take.  Our goal is to bring as many qualified clients, leads as possible to your business. We treasure our customers and we take their success seriously. When you succeed, we also do.

1. Why You Should Bring Your Ads To Us

When it comes to Google Ads, we know what works and what doesn’t. We have worked with Startups and established businesses. We understand business cycles and what needs to be done when and where. Our ethos is that in business, no matter what, dialogue is important. Yes we understand Google Ads, but you understand your business better than us. So when we sit down with you in the initial stages, you tell us about your business and expectations, we collect some data from you and through other tools, then we let you know about our next course of action, after getting an understanding of what ought to be done.

2. We work within your budget

We work withing your budget to see how best we can maximize your returns. The good news with Google Ads is that you don’t have to have a huge budget to get your products to your customs. Depending on your goal, we will ensure that we set up the best campaign to bring the desired results to you.

3. Google Ads, is not our only expertise

we are experts in SEO and Web Design. Been experts in this puts us in a very good position to really look into our clients websites and advice why they are not really converting. We look at poor landing pages, we look at how the campaign is written . We look at how relevant the ad is to the page its directs to. We look at url structure, page structure and content. For more info you can contact us here or  look at what we really do here.

4. We Help Set Up Your Google Analytics

We do numerous things for our ads clients including, setting up Google Analytics set(only for those clients that don't have it set up). The reason we do this is so that can compare how well their SEO campaign is going compared to the paid advertising. With Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planer, we can dig deep and fully understand our client and their business.

Google Ads Perth

1. Product or Service Search

People go on their devices namely, phones, tablets or computers and search using keywords for specific goods, products or services that they want.

Google Ads Shopping Perth

2. Ads Appear After Search

If keywords that you choose match what they searched for, then your ad will appear either at the top of the organic or below some organic google search depending on other items such as how relevant the ad is, how good the landing page is and auction value.

Person Visiting Store after Been Led by Google Ads

3. Action Is Taken

After people click on your ad they are then taken to your website. When it comes to advertising channels on the internet , paid advertising is the most direct and effective channel despite been complicated. Here is a list of how it works in 3 simple steps for those of you who do not know.

Benefits of Google Ads


1. Manageable

With a dedicated team like us at Oround Web Design, every aspect of your Google Ads Campaign can be measured, be it your Return On Investment , Click Through Rate, Number of Conversions Rule Per Click(CPC), cost per click(CPA) or Number Of Impressions(CPM). So when you think about Google Ads contact us and we will be at your service.

2. Cost Effective

When it comes to Google Ads, payment is only made when someone clicks on your ads. You can select a budget and determine how much you wish to spend. If your campaigns in a way your cost per click may decline overtime.