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OWD is a web design agency located in Perth

We make websites for small to medium scale businesses.

Our custom design websites are made so as to carter to the needs of your customer. We understand that your website is a touchpoint so we ensure that our web design has the end user in mind. We want the users interaction with your website to be as seamless as possible. 

Why We Should Build Your Website


Web Design with Ux /Vx in mind

Aesthetics and simplicity can be such a tall order, but that’s what your clients demand of you. As web designers, its our duty that your clients are pleased with your website and appreciate how easy it is to find what they need.

What Our Web Design Process Looks Like


Most of our web design process is custom. Hence our approach to build is quite different. Here is how we approach the building of your website, we first start with a consultation, either on phone, in person or over a coffee. We then proceed, to doing a mockup design. We use the mock up process as a way of getting a feel of how the design process should go about. During this process will incorporate the things we talked about during the consultation.  After taking into consideration what was discussed, we draw up a mood-board and then send you a copy. If you feel the mood-board captures, the things  you need to see on the website, we then go on and prepare a wireframe. After the wireframe process,  a website that is both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing is built. 

Our Services

The world around us has changed rapidly. A lot of people are spending more time online interacting with each other and with businesses. A lot of businesses these days, small or large are online. For a business to tap into the vast number of potential clients out there, it needs a well-built website.
That’s what we at Oround Web Design Offer.
Below are some of the services we offer.

Web Design

 We offer websites that a are:
1. Modern
2. Functional
3. SEO Optimised
4. Device Responsive
5. Easy To Navigate
6. Fast Loading
7. Secure
8. Scalable
9. Custom Built

Domain & Hosting

Most new businesses rarely have, domain or hosting. Before a website is built, it’s important to have both a domain and hosting. Since we are a one stop shop, we provide:

1. Domain Registration
2. Hosting
3. Support 

Business Support

1.Business email setup
2. Digital Invoice
3. CRM Platform to help manage your business
4. Support
5. Help With Advertising Via :
1. Search Ads( Google )
2. Social Media Advertising( Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, etc)
3. SEO Management (Blogs)

Web Design Perth


Over the years, we have worked with numerous individuals, organizations and companies. Our Goal throughout this period has been to turn our client’s ideas into reality. No matter how crazy the idea sounded we have worked tirelessly to bring it to life. Why you may ask? Simply because It’s our belief that that the “Best Memories Come From Crazy Ideas. ” 
With this thinking process, we have crossed paths with remarkable individuals such as
Director of Lee Floor Care Mr. Lee.
He came to us looking for a Clean, Crisp Website, that was easily accessible on any device i.e Phone, Tablet, and Computer.  On top of that, he wanted it to be fast loading, have security (to assure his potential clients that it was safe), and have a booking form. So that he would reach out to potential clients who didn’t want to call. 
We went to work and provided him the website on the left. 
The list of people we have worked with is endless. 
We want to work with you. It’s our dream to see your dream turn into a business. We Believe a Website isn’t just any other page on the internet but a Business. 
If you are looking for a Web Designer in Perth click the link below.



Since we are a boutique agency, our primary focus is to ensure that our client’s needs are met.  This attention to detail has led to the creation of stunning websites such as the ones below

Charles Disability Services

Last year we were pleased to work with an organization that provides services for the Disabled, those on NDIS, and those that aren't. They approached us, looking for a website revamp.

Lee Floor Care Cleaning

This website has gone through numerous changes at different stages of the business cycle. We are glad that we have been able to help the business adapt to changes by making strategic tweaks during these periods.

Vivian Gallogly Photography

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Vivian on his eCommerce business. Though the website had technicalities that were somewhat challenging we were glad to pull it off.



We take pride in being very transparent with our pricing. We want you to know what’s happening at every stage of the Web Design and Development Process. We pride ourselves at offering one of the best web designs in Perth and Australia at large. Choose a package and give us a call. Or preferably, we can walk you through each package and its benefits.

Add eCommerce


eCommerce Setup

up to 20 Products

1 Hour Training Session Included

What TO Expect From Our Web Design

Here is What Some Of Our Clients Say

Lee Nguyen
Read More
This is one of the best Web designer in Perth. You will surprise for your new web. Good luck!
Simon Leonard
Read More
Excellent Service.Very listening and were able to project what we wanted to archive with our site. The made us a website, that beautiful, fast to load, works well on all devices. Thank you look forward to doing more business.
Liza Lizzien
Read More
Made a beautiful E-commerce store for us. Thanks a million.
Bruno Bal Paolo
Bruno Bal Paolo
Read More
Had a website I wanted designed in the quickest time possible at a reasonable value. Oround Web Design went. above and beyond to ensure that my idea come to life. Thanks would easily recommend them.
Taylor Andrews
Read More
One of the best Web Designers in the city of Perth. From Wireframe Design to Web design the process has been quick and the communication great.
Stella Shepande
Read More
Paul was very professional and his work was very impressive, will definitely be back for future projects.
Vivian Gallogly
Read More
A very professional business that meets deadlines.
Mr Lee
Read More
This Webdesigner is one of the best in Perth. I was so surprised when he created our 2 webs. You will surprise if you let he create your new website.

Web Design Commonly Asked Questions

To begin with, web design web development are words that have been used interchangeably for some time now.
You should look at web design and development like a relationship an architect and a builder have. The Web designer will design how the website will look while the developer will go build that look.
At Oround Web Design we intend to design and build you a functional website that will fulfill the goal that you intend to achieve.

This is somewhat a popular question especially when you are just starting your business and looking at making a website. Our answer is usually that it depends, there are websites that perform well on WordPress and there are some that perform better on Shopify. What do we mean? Shopify is more geared for eCommerce and produces the best capabilities for online stores, but that’s not to say that WordPress doesn’t have eCommerce capabilities. Give us a ring and lets have chart, then we will advise you which platform to use

  1. Every website has a domain name, a domain name is an identification string used to locate websites, for instances you can purchase a domain
    Web Hosting on the other hand is a rented space that’s allocated to you by a hosting provider to domains. This space is where your website is stored and through it you can have access to either your WordPress or Shopify CMS.
  1. All our websites are mobile responsive. With almost everyone spending more and more times on their phone. It’s imperative that your website is mobile responsive so that your website visitors can have a seamless experience while on your website.

Whether we like it or not first impressions matter. Be it between people or with products and services.
A website that is aesthetically not pleasing, lags and has a not secure lock sign, will have a lot of your potential web visitors withing seconds after getting there. Even with the best markets. But if your website is fast loading, has SSL(security) and looks pleasing with a flowless outline and clear call to action. Your website will be more easily and will enable you to achieve your goals more easily. With that said, that’s why we believe Web Design and Development is essential.

We are still happy to make your website for you . Just give us the logon details and will go to work.

We have had and heard a lot of people complaining about not owning their Site or the company they dealt with refuses to give them their site.
We believe a website is your passport at the end of the day. If you want to be with us fine, if you want to move it elsewhere, that equally fine with us. You will have access to everything at all times after we are done building it.

Firstly ,we are one of the most affordable web designers in Perth. But apart from that, we build you websites that beautiful, mobile responsive, SSL secure, fast loading, and SEO optimised. We know how to work both the external and the internal parts of a website.

After consultation, awe have discussions on the logo, the colors that you want for the website and you have signed off on the mood board and wireframe, you can expect us to have a website for you within a week or two.