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A website is a digital real estate and we want to increase the value of your digital real estate, we do this by providing you with exceptional SEO Services. When SEO is properly done, you will have a continuous flow of organic traffic to your website, thus increasing the possibility of your services or products been discovered by people who are searching for them.

Why Choose Us For Your SEO

Having a website with just your products and services these days isn’t enough to be discovered. You have to make a conscious effort of putting your products or services in front of peoples through various marketing techniques. Some people result to Google Ads, While Others to Social Media Marketing . These techniques are good, but the require money, and their flow of traffic isn’t constant. On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) if done right helps you with constant organic which is somewhat traffic. We use the word somewhat, because most people hire an expert in SEO  help optimize their site and thus have free traffic in the long run.
Below are some of the reasons you should choose us.

1. Content Is King .

When it comes to SEO, content is King. But the content has to be made in a way that its appreciated by humans because its relevant, properly answers a specific need  and is also readably by search engine crawlers. On top of that, the content has to be structed in a way that ensures there isn’t any  cannibalization but interlinking pages providing juice to one another.

2. Our SEO Experts are Perth based.

When it comes to SEO, content is King. But the content has to be made in a way that its appreciated by humans because its relevant, properly answers a specific need  and is also readably by search engine crawlers. On top of that, the content has to be structed in a way that ensures there isn’t any  cannibalization but interlinking pages providing juice to one another.

3. No Lock In Contract

At Oround Web Design, we don’t believe in lock in SEO contracts. Peoples circumstances and priorities change. We value relationship and sometimes lock in contracts can get in the way hence why we don’t have lock in contracts. Businesses are versatile and the more flexible our agreement is with you, the better for you.

4. Monthly SEO Reporting

We believe in setting up reviews monthly so that we can monitor what progress has been made. We believe in transparent SEO reporting, its vital  to us that your organic growth is clearly shown to you, so that you can monitor where your money is going. Monthly reports help us know and plan what we need to work on, and it also let’s makes the business owner aware of where we at and where we are going.

5. We Use The Best Industrial SEO Tools

We take pride in the provision of our SEO services. It's due to our seriousness that we have invested in the use of the best SEO tools. Tools that help us in Keyword research, content writing, link structure, on page and off-page SEO to name but only a few.

6. A Perth Boutique SEO Agency you can trust

A Lot of SEO companies take pride in giving fake statements, such as: “will get you ranking no.1 of serps in a few weeks or months etc. We don’t do any of that, what we believe is doing everything necessary to get you ranking. All through white hut means. The qualified traffic that you will get overtime, will do all the talking for us. So if you want to an expert working on your site, making sure that your website is healthy and <link> SEO OPTIMISED, then contact us<link>

How We Do Our SEO in Perth


It’s important to us that you get your return on investment(ROI), that’s why we ensure that whenever we undertake a project concerning a websites SEO, we ensure that we carry out extensive research on your website and what different players in your niche are doing. We then proceed to gather the data and then make sense of the information that has been collected.  With this information at hand, we put our SEO tools to use to give our client the best competitive edge SEO can provide. We are locally based, we know and interact with businesses that you aspire to be and we are in a great position to advice in some cases how a certain demographic would behave based on what we have seen trending in Perth.

Boutique Agency SEO


As a Boutique Agency, we usually meet our clients in person usually over a coffee or a cold drink depending on the weather😁.  During this meeting, we set clean goals and manage expectations. Our goal is to ensure that we keep you in the loop on what’s happening at every milestone. It’s important to us that you understand what is prevailing in regards to your SEO campaign. We provide monthly updates on what has been done and archived in terms of leads.




When it comes to SEO, we find that it’s important to be honest from the onset. Oround Web Design will ensure that  we implement these vital SEO techniques:

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1. Local SEO

Some small businesses aim to sell their products worldwide, now there lies the mistake that most businesses make, especially when starting up. You have a better chance of focusing local and then progress gradually to selling worldwide. When it comes to local SEO, we start with keyword research and then move on to creating high quality content in your niche. With the analytic tools at our disposal, we are able to pull data from them and implement what we have derived from our research into your website for optimization purposes

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On-Page SEO

Long gone are the days when On page SEO was just the sprinkling of keywords for ranking purposes. Even though it is still one of the easiest parts of SEO, technicality is still required. Meta tags, body tags have to be applied and page loading time has to be taken in to consideration. Furthermore, link structure and website architecture play an important role when it comes to on page SEO. For A Successful SEO Campaign, it’s our duty to make sure that we fully implement your on page SEO for a successful SEO campaign .

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Off-Page SEO

Some SEO Experts call it Off-Page SEO and other like to refer to it as Off-Site SEO, to us the difference is the same. So what is Off-page SEO. This is how we understand it. What you do off page that helps your SEO ranking, this happens when other website link to your website . Link Building is an important part of SEO and involves a lot of things such as GMD(Google My Business, writing quality content that people link to, creating infographics etc.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a process of optimizing your website so as to improve your position in Search Engine Result Pages(SERP). This leads to increased visibility from potential clients thus potentially leading to more enquiries and sales for your product or services. It’s our goal to get you to the first page of google for targeted keywords, but that’s no small feat. A lot of work has to be done. This work includes both
on-page and off-page white hut techniques. Why do we strive to ensure that you are on the first page of SERP? Google gives a lot of traffic to pages that are on the first page some specialists have said that the traffic may be upwards of 71% of a particular keyword. These figures are enough to get anyone worried especially if they aren’t appearing on the first page of Google, because of all the free organic traffic they are missing out off.

Most Small Companies that provide SEO Services  will give you LOL answers if you ask them this question 🤣. Every business has different needs and wants, and there is no one answer fits all approach. But Why do we say this?
Some people have websites that are fresh, everything is new, the domain, the social media, other linking websites and the content. Generally such a website has got a high probability of taking longer to rank. So some websites may take a shorter time to rank because of what has been done previously, while other will take a shorter period for the same reason.

The cost of proper SEO varies depending on your business, locality and what you are trying to achieve.
Some businesses are so unique and it’s easier to rank their off because not a lot of websites have been created let alone optimized hence ranking can be a walk in the park.
Locality also does play a part. How? If you locally optimize your website, and it so happens that they niche you are in is competitive, it would take longer to rank. A lot of work would have to be done to get atop of SERP.
What are you trying to achieve. For instance If you want to be the authority for a certain keyword in your industry and should the industry be competitive, you would need to build a website that is authoritative and that would entail spending time creating quality content and building quality backlinks.

But typically, SEO is charged monthly or over a specified period of time, the prices that people charge vary, the price point is between $350 -  1M+ depending on your site requirements, your competition and how big you want your site to be .

Depending on your  location this answer may vary, but in Australia, Perth in particular, anything under $1000 monthly spend should be classified as cheap SEO.  SEO is an investment and for you to get quality SEO, you have to know that the people in charge of looking at your SEO feel they are properly renumerated and hence are spending their time providing quality content and backlinks. Why have we mentioned people in this statement. Well because after the search engines crawl your website, people will also ensure that its readable and makes sense to them. The quicker people leave your page, the stronger the signal of how irrelevant your content is. You get what you pay for and if SEO is an investment then invest in it. But also be beware of people who also charge exorbitant prices and under perform. There are a lot of such instances. We won’t do that to you and hence why we don’t have lock in contracts. This keeps both parties accountable during the SEO process.