SEO Perth Is It Worth It?

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 Is SEO Perth worth investing in? The simple answer is Yes. It’s worth it because SEO improves the visibility of your website when certain keywords are searched for by would-be visitors to your site. If done right, it would put your website at the top of search queries.

 In recent times a lot of our clients have approached us with the same question, “Is SEO Perth worth investing in for my business?”

As earlier mentioned, the answer we have given them is yes SEO is totally worth investing in. In fact, if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

If you have done some research on search engine optimisation, then you know that there are a lot of myths revolving around it.

 A lot of people have got their hopes up, by people who claim to be experts and guaranteed them the top spot in under three months. After all that talk, the so-called “expert/s” ended up doing a lousy job.

It is worth noting though, that most of these promises are usually made by people who are just getting started as an expert in SEO. It’s important to bear in mind that SEO is an investment.

SEO Median Costs In Some Countries

How Much Does SEO Costs In Different Countries? N.B This is for ongoing plans. One-time optimisation may cost more.

Australia = AUD $750 – $7500+
New Zealand = NZD $1000 – $5000+
United States= USD $ 1000 – 30,000+
United Kingdom =  £1200 – £9000 per month.
Canada = CAD $ = $750 – $3000

Why Should You Be Cautious With Cheap SEO?

Depending on the niche you are in, SEO campaigns can vary and be taxing as it takes a lot of work to fully implement and get you ranking for different keywords.

 So, if you have been wondering whether SEO Perth or SEO, in general, is worth it or not, then fret not because this blog post will give you some reasons why we think it is imperative for businesses to invest in it.
We will be explaining to you in clear detail what it is and how it fares in comparison to other mediums in relation to bringing traffic to your website.

Let’s put things into perspective, if you are paying an SEO expert for their services anything under $500 a month in the regions listed above(UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand), and the industry you are in is a competitive industry. Do you think you are making an investment or are you just throwing money away?

These are honest conversations an individual, a business or an organisation ought to have with themselves and a genuine SEO expert before going the SEO route. 

What is SEO?

SEO Perth

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.
SEO is a process that improves your rankings in search engines by maximizing the potential of your website. When a visitor submits a query to a search engine, it uses its algorithm to determine which websites are most relevant and display them on the search results page. The higher you rank on Google, the more traffic you will get from searchers.

Who is SEO for?

SEO is for any website that is serious about growing its organic traffic.  SEO can be applied to websites that are for-profit and not-for-profit. This is done so as to enable your target market to find you easily.

Is Organic Traffic Free Traffic?

Yes, Organic traffic is free traffic. We say this because you are not paying to be found in SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) like Google Ads.

So organic traffic is free traffic as you don’t have to pay for space on a Search Engine Results Page. 

In your Google Search Bar, if you type Web Design, for instance, you will see that the first three or four results that will be shown will be web pages with the letter Ad. at the beginning of the URL. 

This is meant to make you aware that this is an ad. Somebody paid to ensure that they showed up high on the top results page of Google.

Then as you go down the results page, you will notice URLs without the Ad. at the beginning.
Those are organic results and didn’t have to pay Google or any other Search Engine for that spot.

Though some people argue that it’s not entirely free because mostly you will have to hire either an SEO expert to work on your site or if you can do SEO yourself then you still would have to hire a content writer, for your content so to save on time and have quality material on your website which is useful to your visitors.

Hiring an SEO expert to work on optimising your site doesn’t mean that you have paid for ad space on a search engine, and the same is also true for hiring a Google Ads Manager.  They will charge you a fee for setting up your ads, but you eventually have to pay the Search engine e.g Google for Ad space.

In places like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and Canada, the median pricing for an SEO campaign is slightly higher.

At Oround Web Design, as well as other SEO experts, we believe that the time and money spent upfront on SEO will eventually yield a return on investment in the later stages of your business. If you build a good website that is relevant and useful to the right audience, then it will give your business a strong online presence and boost your online visibility.

Difference Between Paid For Traffic and Free Traffic?

Paid traffic

Paid Traffic, is when you invest money on platforms such as Search Engine platforms( e.g. Google ads, Microsoft Ads, Yahoo ads, etc.) and  Social Media Platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc.) to drive traffic to your website, webpage, app or any other platform you own.

This is all done in a bid to make people visiting your domain take an action on your platform. These actions may include: app installs, signing up for a subscription, purchasing a product on a products page, hiring a service from a services page, contact details etc.

Free Traffic

As discussed above, free traffic is also called organic traffic. Most websites that are Search Engine Optimised get free traffic. This enables searchers to type in particular keywords to find your web page.

The Difference

If you are just starting your business, and the website has already been made, and you want clients fast, then Google Ads is the way to go. It’s able to meet your needs at that time.

But if you are not in a hurry to get clients now and want to grow your audience slowly and steadily then SEO is right for you. With SEO if you keep at it you will have organic or free traffic for a long time.

Most businesses, especially those that intend to be there for a long time, utilize both paid and free traffic strategies. Why do they do that you may ask?

Most businesses want to get their products or services to their potential clients as quickly as possible so they tend to use Google Ads. This enables them to get the word out about their business to potential clients and also helps them to learn a little bit more about their clients.

Businesses will learn more about their clients through their interaction with the ads, and the decisions they make on the website from Google.

While the Google Ads are running, The SEO strategy would have already been in play.  This would involve keyword research, off-page and on-page optimization, content writing and creating and backlink planning.

Pages of websites that utilize both Google Ads and SEO tend to be indexed and rank quicker than pages that haven’t. Overall if your page experience is excellent and the visitor finds your information relevant, your other pages will also benefit. This is because people visiting your website will end up seeing your other pages, and that will signal to Google that your website is been appreciated especially if they get to stay longer on the website.

Is SEO Worth It?

Yes, SEO is worth it. A website is a digital real estate showcasing either your products, services or any piece of information that may be of use to a specific interest group.

Usually, websites that are well taken care of, in terms of SEO rank higher than websites that haven’t been optimised. 

A website that attracts a lot of web visits organically has a lot of monetary value.
Especially in a world that has a sea of sites, it is hard to compete so the websites getting traffic are been deemed legitimate and relevant to searchers by Google.

When it comes to optimising your site, make sure you get a genuine SEO expert. One easy way of telling who is an expert and who isn’t is through the price they charge. Depending on your location, the competition that exists may be very stiff, and if that is the case, then paying anything under $750 a month might be a red flag.  

Hence why Google will place them high on SERPs. Such websites have the potential to bring in a high return on investment for the owner.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Anything that costs less than $750 and promises you the top sport of Google or Microsoft ads in less than 3 months should be taken with a grain of salt.

When it comes to optimising your site, make sure you get a genuine SEO expert. One easy way of telling who is an expert and who isn’t is through the price they charge. Depending on your location, the competition that exists may be very stiff, and if that is the case, hence why we say paying anything under $750 a month might be a red flag.  

SEO is hard work and takes a lot of time. Most SEO experts in Perth and most of Australia are charging upwards of $1200 monthly depending on the work that needs to be done.

How Long Until I See Results?

Most wannabes will tell you in under 3 months to get you to the top page of Google. There are rare cases where some SEO experts have managed to achieve this, but more times than not, that statement has proven to be far from the truth.

The truth though is that currently, it usually takes about 3 – 12  months of constant work for you to see change. Results will start showing up between the  3-6 months threshold. Optimised pages will start showing up in SERPS for specific Keywords.

But it won’t be massive traffic in most cases. If you get to the top of SERPs in under 3 months, then the niche you are in may not be very competitive, or most websites in that area may have not been optimised.

Most SEO experts say that you begin to really appreciate SEO in the second year. Especially if you have been working on it constantly. It’s normal to see improvements in traffic for your local SEO in the first year.

But generally, you should start performing well across the board in the second year. The longer you have a website, that is worked on constantly, the likelihood of improved performance organically.

Is There A Way of Speeding Up My Process?

Yes, there is a way. Nobody really knows how Google ranks its pages, but people have carried out numerous tests and there are certain traits that have been observed from successful sites.

Income School has recommended that apart from having a website that focuses on-page experience, we should always make sure that we have quality content. This content needs to be produced periodically because Google rewards websites that have fresh content.

What is On Page Optimisation?

On-page optimisation involves, writing your meta description correctly, having H1-H6 tags, and paragraphs, and properly tagging photos, and videos. It also includes ensuring that the keyword density isn’t bypassed.

On-page optimisation involves, writing your meta description correctly, having H1-H6 tags, and paragraphs, and properly tagging photos, and videos. It also includes ensuring that the keyword density isn’t bypassed.

Is SEO Perth Worth It?

After what we have written above, do you think SEO Perth is worth it? We would love to hear your opinion or if you have questions regarding SEO, email us or visit our contact page and call us for a chat.

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