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Did You Just Type Website Designer Near Me?

Usually, people type in their “browser website designer near me”, if they have come up with a brilliant idea and need a website, or they have just realized that they have a business but no website or they want to upgrade or update their website.

We have written an article with the answers you expect to find when looking for a web designer near you. Answers such as: How much it will cost? What is the build duration? How is the communication during the build? Will I own the website or return ownership? Last but not least if SEO is provided?

Looking For Local Web Designer / Developer

Building A Website In Australia? Don’t Do It Before Reading This! Look Web Design is time-consuming, so usually, it’s easier to hire an expert to build you a website. Some people tend to hire people overseas to do it for them because there are much cheaper.

A lot of people have been burnt by overseas web designers. Either their website was never delivered on time, the standard was terrible, communication was almost nonexistent during the build because of different time zones that led to a substandard website or they never received their website at all but money had been paid.

Hence the reason a lot of people prefer hiring a local guy, one they can easily see or call. Usually, the person making the website can easily update them on the progress that has taken place. Usually through 3 vital stapes.

1. Consultation

This is the stage, the web designer gets to find out about your business idea or plan. The colors that you intend to go for and how generally you want the look and feel of the website to be.  

2. Mood-boarding

Bigg Buzz describes a Mood board as “a collection of designs, images, shapes, symbols, and colours that represent your brand. A mood board will typically stem from brand messaging or a unique value proposition, and from there, it will likely evolve into a style guide, giving the brand a foundation to go off of when creating new marketing materials, products and more.

Having a mood board for your brand ensures all marketing and promotional materials are consistent and portray the same message.”So during this process, typically, we agree with the client on the type of font to use, the images, colours and inspirational sites, to fully establish the look and feel of the website.

Wire Framing

Web Design Wire Frame

Wireframing in web design is the process of sketching a website using paper or tools such as Abobe XD. Most web designers and developers use these tools as they are interactive and help and help with bringing out beautiful aesthetics.

Such tools help the client almost have a clear picture of what the website will look like before its built.

*It is important to note that nothing is set in stone and changes can be made at this stage, but not too many ridiculous changes as they can deviate from the earlier planned scope of work.

The Mood board stage is used by web developers to see if you are on the same wavelength when it comes to the overall design of the project and expectations.


How Much Does A Website Cost

Small Business

$1500 - $7500
Basic Web Design, Basic SEO, Basic Stock Images, admin access, Google Analytic dashboard, Pro Plugins.


$7500 - $15,000
Custom Web Design, Premium Stock Image or Professional Photographer is engaged, SEO Setup, Admin Access, Google Analytic setup, Pro Plugins Setup, User Training, Copywriting / editing.


Add on to Website Small Website ranging from $500 -$5000
- Or Medium To Large ranging from $5,000 -$20000
It Will contain WooCommerce Setup, Payment gateways, by now pay later getways, product pages and content writing.

Must Haves

Typing In Google Search Bar

At Oround Web Design our domain names range from $15 – $50 per year this is at par with most domain name providers. Usually, when you build a website with us, we factor this in.

Does server location affect site speed: The simple answer is yes. But at Oround Web Design we have ensured that our servers are located in Australia so that your website is rendered fast to would-be clients. Our Hosting Plan starts at $21 monthly or $245 yearly. If your business requires a dedicated hosting environment expect to pay between $2000 and $5000 yearly.


3. Content Management System(CMS)

All our websites are built on WordPress. Why you may ask? Well over 455 million websites according to techjury use WordPress.

We love it because, we are experts in it, hence can easily make a website in a short time frame that’s fully customized to your needs and wants with the help of powerful plugins. But we also make websites using Shopify and can design a website using Html, CSS and Js.

4. Content Writing

Typing On Computer

Content Provided by Client
No one knows a business more than its owner hence why it’s important for them to write their own content.

 Usually, if it’s a very small website, we put in the content at no charge. But if it’s a medium to a big website, we charge for putting content. Our cost is $80 an hour.

Content Provided By Oround Web Design
This is where you engage us to provide you with content for your website.  It’s true that a business owner knows more about a business but a professional content writer with clear direction can have a really big positive impact on website conversion. We charge about $100 A Page

Web Design

After the consultation and planning are finished, a price is agreed upon. Then we begin the web design. This stage will involve installing your colours, fonts, logos, images, layout, graphic design and navigation.

Some plugins would be covered in the money you pay but some might come at an additional cost depending  on the company. After the consultation and planning are finished, a price is agreed upon. Then we begin the web design. This stage will involve installing your colours, fonts, logos, images, layout, graphic design, and navigation.

Some plugins would be covered in the money you pay but some might come at an additional cost depending on the company.


After all, has been done your website will be launched. You can now show your services or products to family friends and potential clients. In a professional setup usually, before a website is launched, numerous consultations would have been had prior.

Post Launch

After the site has been launched and you have started trading, most people get too busy that’s why they return their web designer. For a Monthly fee ranging from $75
 – $500 you can have

1. Fresh Content Upload

1. Fresh Content Upload
Uploading Content is time-consuming. Hence it’s easier to send it to your web developer to help you with this.

2 . Search Engine Marketing.

We are far removed from the belief that people automatically find you when you have a website. That may have been true sometime back but in the year 2022, things have changed.
For instant Traffic Search Engine Marketing is the way to go.

This can be done through Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. Though they are usually more expensive than SEO and Social Media Marketing, they usually bring customers into you in a short period of time if properly set up. Usually, most companies will charge between 20% -30% of ad spend.


3. Search Engine Optimization.

Google is said to love content freshness. Some actually believe it’s a ranking factor. You would think SEO is all about writing content but it includes a whole lot of things such as ensuring you have tags in your content, not over-optimizing for a keyword, keyword research, meta tag description, keyword placing in the URL etc.

These charges vary but most people charge between $750 – $5,000 depending on the size of the website. Anything less don’t even bother. Usually below $750 its people that will guarantee you first-page ranking in a few weeks.

4. Social Media Marketing

If used well, social media marketing can be a very powerful tool to make your business successful.

The ease of updating your clients through posts coupled with Advertising through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Ticktock, Snapchat,  Twitter, and LinkedIn has proved to be very powerful for a lot of businesses. Most Social Media Marketing charges upwards of $250 a month in Australia.

Was This Information Helpful?

We tried to cover this as comprehensively as we could and we sincerely hope that it answers your questions regarding the website designer near you. What to expect in terms of the work to be done and the pricing.

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